Voxius is the specialist firm chosen by lawyers working in Legal and/or Compliance, to help with executive search, filling interim positions and providing advice on legal strategy.

Since 1997 we have been a strategic partner to large companies, mostly Top 500 multinationals, and leading law firms and civil law notary firms in The Netherlands. We help our clients add maximum value to all levels of their business: from developing their legal organisation, designing the best strategy and plan of action to developing their legal teams by recruiting to fill permanent and temporary positions.

The ongoing modernization of Legal Services has made it essential that Legal demonstrates its added value within an organization. Teams and professionals – both in-house legal departments and law firms – need to understand the KPIs of the board and business units and must actively contribute to an organization’s results. We monitor these processes and understand the impact.

We aim to make a difference for our clients. By being a dedicated, reliable and competent business partner. By voicing a distinct opinion based on clear perception. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service to you!

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Voxius is a leading company in providing executive search solutions throughout the Netherlands, regarding both permanent and interim positions in Legal and Compliance for experienced lawyers.

Executive Search

Voxius is a specialist agency in Executive Search for permanent and temporary positions for lawyers in Legal and/or Compliance. Positions we successfully fill vary from General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary, Chief Compliance/Compliance Director to regular senior legal counsel roles in-house, and for partner positions and (senior) associates in private practice.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing Executive Search, working with candidates with a Dutch law degree and senior lawyers from abroad who aim to work in The Netherlands.

Voxius’ consultants are all trained lawyers, who have gained their expertise either as corporate counsel, solicitor, tax lawyer or civil law notary. Such background equips each consultant with the essential knowledge of in-house legal support processes to effectively provide the best possible professional recruitment advice to both principals and candidates.

As we are one of the most experienced legal executive search agencies in The Netherlands we enjoy ourselves in an extensive network in the legal profit sector. Every search is based on the vast network of legal professionals we have built up over the years, combined with an active market research in order to contact lawyers with the exact required profile that can be approached by our consultants. Such headhunting is a delicate and extremely discrete process in which the good reputation of both our clients and Voxius are secured by a diplomatic approach of all pre-selected candidates.

Generally we will present our shortlist of at least 3-4 qualified and personally matching candidates within 4 weeks after start of the executive search.

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Continual changes in the markets for financial and non-financial companies have made compliance an increasingly important subject. The daily list of tasks of both the compliance professional and in-house lawyer now covers new regulations, developments in the area of supervision, collaborating with risk management and also increasingly acting as a sparring partner for management with respect to corporate social responsibility.


Although financial institutions have been supervised for many years by among others the Dutch Central Bank and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and have therefore been obliged to ensure that their internal organisations comply with internal and external regulations, non-financial companies have struggled for some time with the concept of compliance: antitrust, business principles and conduct, anti-corruption and bribery, privacy and binding corporate rules, etc. What do we need to do, why do we have to do it and can’t we do less?

During discussions with clients Voxius has noted that questions arise to which they have no answers. We believe therefore that we can satisfy a need by bringing companies together to share their experiences in the area of corporate compliance.

Voxius regularly finds compliance officers for its international clients and is your partner specialised in the area of compliance. Our consultants have broad experience in the area of compliance, understand the requirements and needs of each function and can access a broad network to find the ideal candidate. To ensure an ideal fit with the particular corporate culture attention is paid not only to technical competence but also to a candidate’s character and personal qualities.

Voxius has successfully filled many vacancies including the following:

• Corporate Compliance Officer
• Privacy Officer
• Enterprise Risk Manager
• Ethics and Compliance Director
• Compliance and Risk Manager
• Associate for Governance Risk and Compliance
• General Counsel and Compliance Officer

We would be delighted to tell you more about our experience in filling vacancies for senior compliance positions.

Voxius regularly organises round table meetings on various compliance topics. These topics have included: corporate compliance, export controls, fraud, privacy, corruption and internal investigations when a bid has been made.

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Legal Strategy & Operations offers legal consulting support for in-house Legal teams in developing team strategies and fulfilling projects to help General Counsel being successful and effective in their Legal Leadership.

Strategy & Operations

Sound legal services begin with a solid understanding of the subject in hand, but also involve a range of organisational matters. Matters that you, as a legal manager, want to keep an eye on, and which you want to address. And all while daily business continues uninterrupted.

Organisational questions

• How do I ensure that the legal office tallies with our firm’s core business, so that the added value of our department is very clear and the scope required to properly safeguard doing business is guaranteed?
• How do I communicate this to immediate and in-house clients to ensure optimum co-operation?
• How do I ensure sound corporate housekeeping?
• How do I ensure that staff develop both in their field of expertise and within the company? And that there is a good balance on the team for the short and the long term?

These are all questions that legal managers come up against and that can be answered in so many different ways. We have a great deal of experience with this and will gladly help you find the best solution. And, if desired, we can help you implement that solution as well.

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Legal Strategy & Operations offers legal consulting support for in-house Legal teams in developing team strategies and fulfilling projects to help General Counsel being successful and effective in their Legal Leadership.

Interim lawyers in Legal and Compliance

Lease a Lawyer

Being a first mover in the Dutch legal interim market in 1997, Voxius is the most experienced and one of the best-known firms for interim solutions in Legal and Compliance positions.

Interim solutions at short notice

First we discuss the profile of the temporary vacancy and/or the project scope with our clients. As soon as we have discussed the profile of the relevant function we agree the available budget or hourly rate with you and any further terms and conditions for our cooperation.

We propose suitable and available candidates within three business days, but mostly earlier, and if it is urgent within a couple of hours. You will receive by e-mail the C.V. of the candidate with our explanatory notes as well as information about his/her hourly rate.

We organize meetings for you with the candidates and can also sit in on these meetings if this is helpful for the selection process. After you have chosen an appropriate candidate we take care of the administrative end of the process, including a confidentiality agreement and a possible certificate of good conduct. In addition, during the course of the project we keep in regular contact with both the client and the interim lawyer to ensure continuing optimal cooperation.

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