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Onze kernwaarden: expert op de inhoud en betrouwbaar in de persoonlijke relatie.

In our services we are creative and unconventional, and critical where necessary. All this makes us one of the leading agencies within Legal and Compliance in the Netherlands.

Els Boonacker

Through her extensive experience as a lawyer and manager in the legal profession, and as a consultant in the field of leadership, Els Boonacker is a go-to advisor for law and notary firms and their partner groups. A trusted, incisive sparring partner, she assists firm and GC leadership with all their issues, from strategic to team dynamics. Els is also a lecturer on Change & Leadership at the Legal Operations Academy and program manager of Governance University's Continuing Education for Corporate Secretaries.

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Hielke Brown

Hielke has worked at Voxius since 2004 and supports multinationals and law firms in filling permanent and temporary senior (management) positions and partner positions. Hielke is also active in consultancy and intervision projects for General Counsel and Compliance teams in the corporate world and he supports boards and individual partners in the legal profession in developing or expanding their business case. He is preferred supplier for most multinationals in the semiconductor industry and has a strong track record with high-tech companies in the Brainport area.

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Harm Cammel

Harm has 25 years of experience in management of professional services. His observation: professional knowledge is often very good but with the right approach the customer value can be higher, the working method more efficient and the role for lawyers more enjoyable. To this end he has been doing assignments for legal departments and law firms and lectures/publishes on Legal Management.

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Remco Feuth

Remco Feuth has been working at Voxius as a Consultant since 2003. Besides permanent positions, he focuses mainly on interim positions in business. He is interested in the development of people and organizations. What motivates them, what are they good at, what suits them and what not and where is there still growth? This is where we continuously make a difference.

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Regien Haarbosch

Regien Haarbosch is verantwoordelijk voor de Compliance Management tak van Voxius. Zij heeft vertrouwde relaties ontwikkeld met (Chief) Compliance Officers, General Counsel en C-suite leiders in het hele land.  Met haar diepgaande branchekennis heeft Regien een reputatie opgebouwd als een van de top executive search consultants.

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Judith van Haersma Buma

Judith has been working at Voxius since 2012, from 2022 as partner/shareholder. Through her years of experience in the legal profession, business, legal executive search and as a resource and development manager Judith can optimally support clients in the mediation of (senior) lawyers for permanent and temporary positions, assisting lawyers with a transition and advising clients on personnel issues, such as team evaluations and work allocation.

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Christine de Klein-Hagens

After completing her master's degree in Dutch Law, Christine worked as a corporate lawyer for a few years. She now has extensive experience in the mediation of lawyers in business and law. Since 2021, Christine has enjoyed being part of the Voxius team.

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Terry Verheij

Terry Verheij has been mediating experienced professionals since 2004. Since 2007 he does this at Voxius and since 2008 also in the capacity of partner / shareholder. Terry advises on legal operations, strategy, team building and mediates senior lawyers (both permanent and interim) in business and law firms.

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Priscila Esteves

Finance Manager

Priscila Matias Esteves graduated in 2003 from the Higher European Vocational School, specialization - Business management.

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Britt Kreulen

Office Manager

Britt Kreulen graduated in 2014 from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, where she received her Bachelor's degree in Media & Communication. She has enjoyed working as Office Manager at Voxius since 2016.

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