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Legal Executive Search

Voxius focuses on the top of the job market for legal professionals in business and business services. Within the Legal domain in business we mediate senior positions as Chief Legal Officer, (deputy) General Counsel, Company Secretary and other Legal counsel positions in the range of 5 to 25+ years of experience.

For the legal and notarial professions we focus on positions of senior associate/salary partner, equity partner and board positions as COO or office director. With more than 25 years of experience at the top of the legal market, we hold a leading position in the Netherlands.

Legal Interim Management

If temporary support is desirable for you, for example as bridging in the event of a vacancy, pregnancy or the assumption of a managerial role, we select experienced lawyers for interim (management) positions in business and private practice, at all levels. On the basis of executive search, we present you with a shortlist of suitable and available interim lawyers within one to three working days after our initial contact.

Legal Consulting

In-house Legal teams and law firms are facing major changes and challenges. Legal Operations and Legal Tech are developing rapidly and can make a big impact on the business and the way we work together. The outside world is constantly changing and requires lawyers and compliance professionals to respond to social developments and laws and regulations, but also, for example, to changing business models, team compositions and other motivations in work among employees.

In such a challenging context, Voxius is the best partner. We know the legal business and legal and notarial profession inside out. Based on over 20 years of consulting work for many clients, Trends & Benchmark studies and ongoing experiences with General Counsel and boards of offices, we help with the best fitting operating model, the best thought out and substantiated strategy and/or to create the best composed team. And we guide you through the actual implementation.