Interim Legal Counsel – Employee Data Protection Initiatives (Successfully filled)

Interim Legal Counsel – Employee Data Protection Initiatives (Successfully filled)

Our Client

Our client is a leading global supplier of high technology processing equipment, listed on Nasdaq and with operating companies in the US, Europa and Asia.

The Position

The Interim Legal Counsel will:

  • Establish the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) process by identifying a process owner and formalizing the practice as a process (with a GP) and additional work instructions;
  • Establish Overview of processing activities relating to personal identifiable data
  • Completeness check for third party data processor agreements (DPA’s)
  • Define personal data-retention guidelines and plan how to clean up
  • Create/ conduct GDPR training for employees who are responsible for processing personal data

The Legal interim manager will be a self starter, who will work hands-on and in close contact with the DPO and Senior Manager HR and the General Counsel & Company Secretary on the projects at hand.

Necessary skill set will be:

  • Independent work attitude and result driven;
  • Strong written and oral communications skills in English and Dutch, and the ability to communicate privacy concepts and requirements;
  • Self-starter with high energy and drive; fast paced and results driven;
  • High level of project management skills and hands on attitude;
  • Ability to find solutions to compliance issues;
  • A good grasp of technology industry and trends particularly regarding privacy and data security;
  • Well-developed understanding of GDPR and ePrivacy directive, as well knowledge of US and Singapore privacy regulations;
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