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Governance Risk & Compliance Management

Building the optimal organization and operation for Compliance management in the enterprise requires proper analysis and planning. Since 2004, we have helped many Compliance teams and law firms with the entire process of analyzing the (organizational) needs, determining the objectives, choosing the best fitting method (operating models), determining the best fitting combinations of tools and formulating a realistic implementation plan. And where necessary, we guide the implementation and your staff with building the associated knowledge and skills.


A lot of interesting things are happening around setting up Compliance Operations and available tools (Tech). Based on over 20 years of operations work, trend research and ongoing sharing of experiences and best practices with Compliance Executives, we can help you find the best fitting operating model, the best combination of processes, tools, outside counsel, in-house team and management information. We help you with the actual implementation.

Development of services and working methods also requires development of the team and individual employees. Used correctly, this provides additional direction and motivation. We help you determine what knowledge and competencies are needed, what is already present in the team, what the possibilities are for internal development and how they can best be realized.

For example, we offer coaching and guidance to your team and to individual employees or managers who want to develop their leadership. We also supervise team sessions of Compliance Teams, both around strategic issues and to strengthen team dynamics.

For all aspects around strategy, organization, operations and team, we not only assist you and your teams with knowledge and advice, but if needed we can assist in the actual implementation. This ranges from temporary/part time support of in-house staff in their project responsibilities to managing full projects for your organization.

In recent years, compliance has become an increasingly large and important topic for law and notary firms, due to the increase and scope of compliance topics and developments in public opinion. Not only the internal compliance policy and compliance with all laws and regulations is leading, but increasingly vision on social issues is also expected, in addition to the role as advisor to clients on various topics. Based on our experience, also with compliance in business, we can advise your team on, and help with, implementation and development of the associated knowledge and skills. We strive to be a partner, not just a supplier.

Good compliance, and of course successful execution of the firm's strategy, require solid governance. We are happy to assist in making the firm's governance structure and leadership effective. This can be done by providing advice based on our experience and market knowledge, but also in the form of guidance and coaching to a team or individual directors or managers.