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Strategy & Management

Building the optimal organization and operation for compliance services requires good analysis and planning. This requires a down-to-earth step-by-step discipline and realistic knowledge of the possibilities. Since 2004, we have helped many compliance departments with the entire process of analyzing the (organizational) needs, determining the objectives, choosing the best-fit method of operation (operating models), determining the best-fit combinations of tools and formulating a realistic implementation plan. And where necessary, we also help with the actual implementation and guide your employees in building the corresponding knowledge and skills.


There is a lot moving around Legal Operations and Legal Tech. This offers opportunities to Legal Teams and law and notary firms, but this requires a thorough analysis of both demand (organizational needs and wants) and supply (available opportunities in the market). Based on our knowledge and experience with GC, operations managers and boards and MTs in the legal/notary profession, we can help you determine the most appropriate operating model with the best possible combination of processes, tools, outside counsel, in-house team and management information. And we help you with the actual implementation.

Development of services and working methods also requires development of the team and individual employees. Used correctly, this provides additional direction and motivation. We help you determine what knowledge and competencies are needed, what is already present in the team, what the possibilities are for internal development and how they can best be realized.

For example, we offer coaching and guidance to your team and to individual employees or managers who want to develop their leadership. We also supervise team sessions of Legal Teams and sections and/or offices, both around strategic issues and to strengthen team dynamics.

For all aspects around strategy, organization, operations and team, we not only assist you and your teams with knowledge and advice, but if needed we can assist in the actual implementation. This ranges from temporary/part time support of in-house staff in their project responsibilities to managing full projects for your organization.

Els Boonacker is program manager of Governance University's Continuing Education Program for Corporate Secretaries. The program targets experienced corporate secretaries of mulitinationals and other large private and public organizations. The focus of the program is on effectiveness and the power of the corporate secretary in the role and in the middle of the dynamics of the board room, with also attention for the (system) forces of the organization and the ever-changing outside world. More information about the program is here to find.

Voxius guides law firms in all areas of strategy and organization. We do this as sparring partner of both the management of the firm and its practice groups, as well as individual partners.

As a thought leader in the Netherlands in the field of Strategy and Organization in the legal sector, we work with vision, courage and passion on organizational development in a playing field that is constantly changing. Over the past decade, the desire for strategic reorientation has also increased significantly at law and notary firms, as that market is in a constant state of flux due to changing client needs, technology, competition from new entrants (including Big 4) and price pressure.

This includes questions such as: "how well do we meet the (changing) needs of our clients", "how are we doing compared to other offices", "how can we further develop our service provision" and "how can we adapt our internal organization, operation and working method to this as well as possible". We now have many years of experience advising and actively guiding boards and partner groups on such issues with a great track record at large Zuidas offices, medium-sized regional offices as well as niche offices. With our proven approach, we are happy to help you further so that the office can continue with a clear strategy and a concrete plan of action that is supported within the organization.